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time and venue: 

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM - October 1 2016

Executive Lounge at Multimatics Centre, AXA Tower Lt. 37, Jl. Prof. In. Satrio

Being the Radical Fool for Christ at Work

Real life stories and discussion on taking radical, practical steps in applying our faith and being an effective witness in your business so you don't have to live a double life!  Instead you will live a blessedful, abundant integrated life in Christ!  With Hermanto Tan, facilitated by Tommy Tjiptadjaja

guest speaker: Hermanto Tan

I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour during my study in the US in 1998.

When I came back to Jakarta in 2002, I helped my father’s business for a few years, until I launched my own business in 2005 together with my wife, right after we got married.
The business started to pick up, but it lead to my spiritual death. I compromised my integrity with a lot of under table money practices. I drew myself away from the Lord, and it lasted for 8 years.
The Lord faithfully called me back to Him, and by His grace alone, last year in July I responded back to His calling.
The Lord also transformed me in the way I see my business, that it is not mine, but His. I’m only the steward of the company that He entrusted me. 
With this new vision, I radically changed the game plan of the business, and one of the most radical decisions I made was that I stopped all under table money practices in our company.
I’m very excited to see how God will turn this company to expand His Kingdom and I’m privileged to be a part of it.